Tuesday, September 27, 2022
HomelatestIT Raids Finally Stopped At CM Ramesh’s House After 2 Days

IT Raids Finally Stopped At CM Ramesh’s House After 2 Days

The IT department has finally concluded its 50 hours long raids on the TDP MP CM Ramesh’s offices and residences. Post the conclusion, the MP declared shocking things about these raids. This most controversial raids on the ex and present leaders of TDP party has been shaking the States of AP and Telangana. After ex TDP MLA Revanth Reddy, the industrialist cum TDP MP Ramesh is the latest victim of such raids. In their two days long relentless raids, the IT Officials just found 3.5 lakhs of rupees cash at Ramesh’s residence but nothing else including his Rithwik Solutions offices as well.

This ex-Central Minister confessed

Ramesh confessed the media that the raids are the result of his fight with the BJP Government. This ex-Central Minister confessed that one official among the investigated officers directly told Ramesh that these raids are directed by Narendra Modi and even warned Ramesh’s boss CBN in the conversation. He backed his claim by declaring that the whole conversation is actually recorded by his mobile phone. Ramesh is considered as one of the close associates of TDP National head CBN just like Revanth Reddy. These acts of Central Government is irking the AP CM and its leaders to the core.

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