MIM, The King Making Party Of Telangana Politics

MIM can easily win as many

At one side, the BJP is trying hard to suppress the Muslim votes in India, the Minority parties like MIM are all set to showcase their power in the States like Telangana. Let us have a quick view of MIM’s actual strength. Telangana is one of those States where the Muslim population is more than 10% of its total population. Almost 12.6% of Telangana voters are Muslims and they all choose the MIM party leader by Asaduddin Owaisi. Despite his controversial statements on Hinduism and India, Any ruling party of Telangana wishes to join hands with Owaisi for the seats under him.

BJP is trying hard to suppress the Muslim

MIM can easily win as many as 15+ seats with its vote bank and can even influence the winning chances of leaders in almost 40 constituencies including the capital zone. KCR is more than happy to team up with Owaisi for the snap polls in order to checkmate BJP and Mahakumati for the early elections in December. So apparently, MIM has turned out to be the Kingmakers of Telangana and they are highly favouring the TRS party more than anyone this time. If MIM supports TRS, then Mahakutami would be limited to the Opposition despite its hard trails to gain Power. Also, it is heavily rumoured that the parties YSRCP and Janasena are going to join allies with TRS for their hatred on Congress and TDP parties in Telangana.


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