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Ram Gopal Varma 1 Lakh Reward To Rohith #He Rejected It

Recently, director Ram Gopal Varma re-announced about Lakshmi’s NTR movie based on true incidents of NTR life. The movie majorly concentrated on the period of Lakshmi Parvathi and NTR’s life journey. We all know that NTR married Lakshmi Parvathi in 1993. Albeit, Bala Krishna is making the NTR biopic in the direction of Krish. Probably, they may not touch the topic about Lakshmi Parvathi in depth. So, Ram Gopal Varma is planning to create the certain period NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi. So, generally, every fan will keen on actors of the film because of NTR. But, he didn’t announce any further details about the movie.

true incidents of NTR life

However, recently, a person’s video is going viral on social media. The unknown person was serving tiffin in a hotel in that video. Albeit, the speciality of the video is that the unknown person looking like our AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu. Really, it was a very shocking thing that the man is 70% looking like Chandra Babu. Unexpectedly, the video went to Ram Gopal Varma’s corridor. Again, shockingly, Ram Gopal Varma has announced 1 lakh rupees reward on that unknown person. A few days back, He posted the photo and video on Twitter and announced the prize money.

Ram Gopal Varma Got Him:

Finally, a person Rohith found the unknown person and send the details to the Ram Gopal Varma. So, as per the promise, Ram Gopal Varma is declared the 1 Lakh to the Rohith, but he politely rejected the prize money. Because he wants to use it for Kondagattu Bus accident’s victims and the same said to Ram Gopal Varma. Moreover, he is an employee in Electronic Media Tv9. Probably, Ram Gopal Varma may make that unknown person as Chandra Babu for the NTR movie.

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