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Sri Reddy’s Experiences With Tollywood Casting Couch:

Actress Sri Reddy Says About Her Acting Experience In Tollywood

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Youtube is making many lowkey people as celebrities overnight like Kathi Mahesh and others. One such new person on that list is actress Sri Reddy. This unknown actress surfaced on top Telugu media channels for her sensational interviews.

Sri Reddy who is pretty famous on social networking sites with her Facebook posts has given an interview to a Youtube Channel. More than anything, she has been trolled by the netizens for her comments on Industry and heroes. This fetched her overnight fame and a leading media channel invited her for a detailed interview to know negative side of Tollywood. Apart from lashing out on the Tollywood biggies for neglecting Telugu actresses, this anchor turned actress has got some secrets to express about Telugu Movie Industry.

Responding to the casting couch problems in Telugu, Sri Reddy declared that it does exist in Tollywood since ages. She openly accepted that she slept with some producers, directors, Managers, PROs and sometimes even with Cinematographers to get chances. In this trails, Sri Reddy too faced casting couch and gave pleasures for movie offers despite how ugly they are. As she felt it is better than being a girlfriend to a producer than giving pleasures to all, she got a big producer’s son into her relationship. But this gave her neither movie offers nor any recommendations so she left him at last. Doesn’t matter her comments effect Tollywood or not, she became a celebrity which might fetch some chances in the coming days.

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