Sridevi has died 30 years back :Senior actress Rama Prabha


Senior actress Rama Prabha recently attended a talk show. She made a comment on Sridevi’s life and she said ‘Sridevi has died 30 years back in my motive’. Why she commented like that, what are the hidden facts of it..? Basically, majority heroines are always getting behind their mothers since earlier days of Telugu cinema. Some heroines never enjoy their lives with freedom and they always want to be busy with movies than personal life. It may lead to being some internal effects psychologically.

As Rama Prabha said, “Sridevi’s mother always holds Sridevi and made a distance from her life of freedom. Her mother not allowed her to talk freely with others. She always made Sridevi a beautiful doll and tended to do more films. After marriage also Sridevi did not enjoy her life. Except for Cinema, there was nothing in Sridevi’s life. She doesn’t taste the life completely and properly.” So, we will realize that there was no beauty in all lives which we see as beautiful.


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