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She Is Perfectly Fine 15 Min Prior To Death: Boney Kapoor

Sridevi Kapoor Is Perfectly Fine 15 Min Prior To Death

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The demise of Cine Goddess Sridevi Kapoor has left the entire nation of India in vain. After conducting her final ride, her beloved husband Boney Kapoor has opened up about what actually happened a couple of hours before her death.Boney Kapoor who claims to be in severe grief due to the sudden loss of his loving wife shared unknown things about her Dubai tour. According to a famous Hindi Blogger Komal Nahta, Boney Kapoor and Sridevi went to Dubai to attend their nephew’s wedding ceremony in the prestigious hotel Ras Al Khaimah exactly on 20th of this month. As all the parties were concluded on 22nd, Sridevi insisted Boney that she would stay a couple of days more to go shopping.

Boney, in order to attend a personal meeting in Mumbai, left her on 22nd in the same hotel. In the middle, Boney used to call her many times during the days apart from Sridevi and the latter used to reply absolutely fine by spending quality time with one of her best friend and shopping. It all changed on the day of 24th as Sridevi called Boney and expressed that she misses him a lot. On the same note, the blogger reveals the fact that Boney and Sridevi never travel alone and this is the second time in their two and half decades of married life that they were apart. Upon hearing his wife’s voice, Boney decided to surprise his wife and caught a flight to Dubai at 3:30 PM. He reached her hotel room by 6:30 PM and opened the door with his spare key. Sridevi who expected his husband’s surprise hugged him and shared personal moments for 30 odd minutes.

Its then Boney Kapoor proposed a romantic dinner to Sridevi and she left him with TV to the washroom. As she fails to return ever after 20 min, Boney called her name Jaan twice. No response from the bathroom made him more tensed and finally approached Hotel staff to open the door only to fall down in dire shock to see his wife lying in the bathtub dead. This is indeed a sad story for anyone to know.

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