Sridevi Is Murdered – BJP Leader

Sridevi Was Murdered Alleges BJP Leader Subramaniam Swamy

Sridevi Was Murdered Alleges BJP Leader Subramaniam Swamy

Posted February 27, 2018, 7:55 pm at 19:55

BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy is famous for his hard-hitting comments on the politicians. He is literally feared by many politicians in India. It looks like the mystery over Sridevi’s death has caught the attention of the leader. He made sensational comments over the actress death.

Speaking to the media, Subramanian Swamy said, ‘we need to wait patiently until the Public Prosecution (of Dubai) comes out with all the details. Whatever the media has been circulating doesn’t have any credibility. As far as I know, Sridevi doesn’t have the habit of consuming alcohol. If that’s the case, how did the forensic report claim that there was alcohol in the blood? What happened to the CCTV footage in the hotel? Even before the autopsy, why did the doctors claim that Sridevi died of a cardiac arrest?’

Further expressing his doubts over Sridevi’s mysterious death, Subramanian Swamy said, ‘it isn’t easy for someone to drown so easily in a bathtub. Someone might have forced her into the water, leading to her death. There is every possibility that she might have been forced to consume alcohol’.Subramanian Swamy tweets are going viral on Twitter.

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