Stalin is better than YS Jagan!

Stalin is better than YS Jagan

Stalin is better than YS Jagan!

Posted November 12, 2017 at 16:44 

BJP has been trying desperately to grab a foothold in Andhra Pradesh. During the 2014 elections, BJP’s think tanks ensured that Jagan supported them, despite BJP having an alliance with TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan did fall into this trap after Modi has given him an appointment.

After the election, in which Jagan led YSRCP faced defeat, BJP started taking Jagan pretty lightly. The recent defeat in Nandyala and Kakinada meant that BJP is nowhere bothered about Jagan or his party. But Jagan’s over excitement and his indirect support to BJP meant that YSRCP is forced to take the part of the retaliation that BJP is facing.

Modi’s visit to Karunanidhi became highly debatable in Tamil Nadu politics. Post his meeting, within a couple of days, IT Raids took place on AIDMK offices and other properties. These IT Raids did hamper the party’s image to a great extent. In the midst of all these events, BJP is looking forward to having an alliance with DMK. Initially, BJP supported AIDMK with an aim to distance the CM chair from Sasikala. But to their amazement, Paneer Selvam joined hands with Palani Swami after high drama in the state.

Unlike Jagan, Karunanidhi Stalin has been careful. Though Modi visited his house, Stalin did not have any change of plans regarding a planned protest. Instead, he just postponed. One thing is very clear from the outset, Stain believes that he needs to work hard to form the government, while Jagan believes that he needs to please ministers at the center to form the government. How foolish can Jagan be! 

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