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Controversy On ‘Rangamma’ Song! Sukumar Clarifies!

Sukumar Clarifies About Rangamma Song Controversy

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Following the norm of any other big-budget films, even Rangasthalam mired in a controversy lately. The Yadav Community leaders protested against the lyricist writer and the director, claiming that, a particular lyric in the song ‘Rangamma’ looked down at Yadav community.

The protesters found the lyric ‘Gollabhama vacchi naa goru gilluthunte’ to be offensive. In Yadav community (Golla), women are also termed as Gollabhamas. Nevertheless, clarifying on this issue, the movie’s director Sukumar came out with an explanation.

He released an official statement saying that they referred to an insect called ‘Gollabhama’ and it has got nothing to with the women of Yadav community. At the time of writing this article, none of the protesters reacted to Sukumar’s comments.

Furthermore, Sukumar also briefed that, most of the people might be knowing about an insect called Gollabhama. It is up to an individual on how to perceive a lyric. From our end, it is very clear, and I have given the perspective with which the lyric writer penned the lyrics. I hope there shouldn’t be any more issues.

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