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The creative director Sukumar gave a chance for his writer Palanati Surya Prathap to direct Kumari 21 F under his own banner Sukumar Writings. Though Surya Prathap was the director of Current film, he worked as a writer for 1-Nenokkadine movie and also for recent Rangastalam. However, Sukumar encourages new talent and produced Kumari 21 F and also wrote for that. Now, he tries to launch his assistant directors and writers as directors.

sukumar with assistants

Sukumar Writings and Mythri Movie Makers jointly producing a film. So, he launches his assistant writer Bucchibabu as director. According to the sources, the script was ready and pre-production works are processing. Moreover, not only he, also the other three writers also. They are Kasi, Srinivas, and Venkat. Though Kasi is ready with the script and the official announcement is not declared until now. But, recently, an office was inaugurated for this upcoming project. Moreover, Sukumar also tries to make his friend for producing this film.


As like that, Venkat and Srinivas also making their scripts. In Kumari 21 F audio release event, Sukumar introduced the writer Venkat from the stage and suggested to Allu Arjun at that time. Really, Sukumar always ready for making his assistants as directors and gives a stage to them.sukumar-assistant-writers

Ram Gopal Varma, Raghavendra Rao, and Dasari Narayana Rao:

Once upon a time, Ram Gopal Varma also produced the films by making his assistants as directors. We knew that money director Siva Nageswararao and Krishna Vamsi made their debuts under Ram Gopal Varma’s banner. Now, Sukumar also in the same way.


Moreover, great Raghavendra Rao did the directional observation for his assistant Rajamouli’s debut movie Student No.1 movie. And, Dasari Narayana Rao also encouraged many directors and actors like that. In this film industry, many stars encouraged the new talents. Actually, it is a very good thing for aspiring actors, writers, and directors. Sukumar sir… Hats off sir…




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