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Sunil and Ntr Combination

Sunil re entry as comedian

Actor Sunil is back with his reentry as comedian into the industry. But everyone wonder about which movie would be his film for re entry. Finally Sunil re entry as comedian is his friend Trivikram’s film which is to serve as a platform for his comeback as comedian. In Trivikram’s Latest Movie with Ntr, Sunil will be seen as comedian. Both trivikram and Ntr gave a nod for this decision. Trivikram designed a special character for Sunil for this movie. Everyone is very confident that with this film Sunil will again get many opportunities as comedian.

Sunil and Trivikram are very close friends. This is the reason trivikram helped Sunil giving some inputs regarding dialogues in the films of Sunil as hero. But, in a period of time when Trivikram range is raising high, Sunil faced a continuous flops as hero. Due to this reason trivikram couldn’t make any film with Sunil. The latest movie of Sunil Ungarala Rambabu gave a clear end to Sunil career as hero. Hence, even Sunil announced about him acting as comedian in his further films. Though there came rumours about Sunil re entry in Megastars Syeraa, we cannot expect a good scope for comedy in the film. Hence Sunil Is to give his reentry through Trivikram and Ntr film.

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