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HomelatestShe charged 60L for one song!

She charged 60L for one song!

Sunny Leone charged 60L for one song!

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When it was announced that Garuda Vega is being produced on a budget of Rs. 25 Crores with Rajasekhar as the hero, everyone was skeptical whether the film would even recover ‘half-the-budget’. After the release, the film not only managed to recover its budget but is also going on a profitable note.

It is heard that the film’s unit is crediting Sunny Leone who has performed an item number in the film as the lucky charm. It is evident that the promotions of Garuda Vega on the TVs are mostly filled with ‘DeoDeo’ song featuring Sunny Leone. She is directly responsible for the hype created by the pre-release function.

Sunny has charged Rs. 60 lakhs to do the item song in the film. But the production team feels that her presence drove the profits by 10 times. Reportedly, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha have congratulated the film’s director Praveen Satturu for roping in Sunny Leone. With the film’s success, distributors across all regions are happy with the profits the film is bagging at the box office. One can surely expect to see Sunny Leone in many Tollywood films from hereon.

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