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Will Pawan Kalyan commit that mistake?

Will Pawan Kalyan commit that mistake?

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Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Prajarajyam’ party faced shocking defeat in 2009 elections. Allu Aravind claimed that the party would win over 290+ seats in a total of 294 seats. But the PRP party only managed to win 18 seats. The reason for such a devastating failure of the party is attributed to the ‘Caste’ feeling that was spreading across the party at that time. Few leaders at that time stated that PRP is established exclusively to form a government with ‘Kaapu’ community. This greatly impacted the party’s reputation, causing a failure in 2009 elections.

Realizing this, Pawan Kalyan has taken precautions to ensure that people don’t treat his party on the basis of caste. Recently, a Kaapu leader who had his time in TDP and YSRCP has approached Pawan Kalyan stating that he is enthusiastic to join the party. But to his surprise, Pawan rejected that leader from joining his party.

Later in a meeting with his party followers and members, it was heard that Pawan said, ‘Let us not permit any former leaders from TDP, YSRCP or Congress. We have to ensure that the party isn’t tagged with any specific caste. I am against ‘Caste’ based politics, not against the caste.’

When his associated stated that his decision wouldn’t be welcomed by people from Kaapu community, Pawan advised him to encourage new leaders on a large scale from Kaapu community.

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