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HomelatestWho will save Jagan?

Who will save Jagan?

Who will save Jagan?

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Politicians from all political parties often drag ‘community’ and ‘religion’ as a part of their strategy to win the elections. These two weapons are highly sensitive and if missed will fire back onto the politician itself with serious consequences. Jagan’s move spree of visiting Hindu temples and Swamijis backfired on him. This time it is largely due to his misinterpretation of the past.

In 2014 elections, Jagan and his family were seen with ‘Bible’ in their hands. After the loss in 2014 elections, the YSRCP chief came to an opinion that Hindus and other religious people may not have voted for them, due to their obsession with carrying Bible everywhere. As a result, Jagan made the move to visit Hindu temples and visit Swamiji’s. Even these have backfired.

Recently, after visiting Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala, Pastor David Karunakar raised the same issue in the public domain. The pastor said, ‘While the Christian community is praying for Jagan to become the next CM, by visiting Hindu temples he is praying to Idols. Idol worship is strictly against Christianity.’ Leaving aside the reservations held by Pastor David, it is clear that Christian community is upset about Jagan.

And even the Hindu community has backfired on the YSRCP Chief after he refused to sign on the ‘declaration’ form when he visited Tirumala. It would have been sensible if Jagan had realized that ‘religion’ and ‘community’ has got nothing to do with politics.

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