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Sunny Leone’s “Karenjit Kaur” Season-2 Trailer

Karenjit Kaur Sunny Leone

Karenjit Kaur – The untold story of Sunny Leone – Season 2 is arriving. We know who was she in past, we know who is she now. Sunny Leone, a well-known porn star. She ruled the porn film industry at a time. Laterally, she came to India and participated in Hindi BiggBoss. Thus, she got such an identity and made her film debut with Jism2. Actually, most searched Indian person on Google in 2017 is Karenjit Kaur, means, Sunny Leone. Moreover that, she won so many Indian’s hearts her good qualities. She adopted a baby girl and helps people several times.

Sunny Leone

Recently, her life story converted into a web series. Karenjit Kaur season 1 came and got a huge response. Now, season 2 trailer is released. From 18th September, the premiers will be started. The web series available by Zee5 platform ad available in Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi languages also. In season1, her entering in the porn industry and her childhood life and convincing period of her parents have shown. Now, the remaining story may about her life in porn industry and marriage. The trailer is not sure about her entry episodes into the Indian cinema. So, season 3 also there may be. Now, its time to watch this trailer.

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