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Who is supporting this hero even after 4 successive flops?

Who is supporting SaiDharam Tej even after 4 successive flops?

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The film industry is colourful and interesting. Similarly, it is also quite challenging. Not everyone who dreams of becoming a celebrity become one. Most of them end up as character artists and junior artists. It takes over a decade to get a meaty character role in Films. But people coming from a film family directly become heroes and heroines without much difficulty. But sustaining the reputation is like walking on a sword. It is true that these individuals get their first chance with ease. But without acting skills, and performance it is almost impossible to establish in the film industry.

One of the best examples is Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej. Coming from the Mega family, he debuted with the movie ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’, that released in 2014. Since then, he played the lead role in 9 movies. His latest film ‘Intelligent’ is lining up for release on 9th February. Speaking at the ‘Intelligent’ pre-release function, Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej said, ‘I had 4 successive flops before this film. But the only success I had all through this while are the fans. It is you (fans) who are my pillar of strength and support. I don’t mind working hard to my limits to entertain you’.

Nevertheless, the fact is, despite many flops in his career, Sai Dharam Tej is still busy with his shootings.

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