Supreme Court To Soon Give A Shock To All Politicians!


Supreme Court Shocked At Over 600 Per Cent Overcrowding In Jails

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Except for few, senior political leaders usually contest from two constituencies. At times they also contest for both Assembly and Parliament seats. Regarding this, an individual approached the apex court; Supreme Court of India and filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). Responding to this, the Election Commissions of India (ECI) also seconded the PIL’s opinion and stated that, ‘we completely agree with the opinion stated in the PIL.

Yes, we also feel that contesting from two constituencies is unethical. When a candidate leaves a constituency because he won somewhere else, he is indirectly doing injustice to the voters who voted for him at that constituency. We wish that the individuals who contest in Elections should not be allowed to contest from multiple constituencies. They should only contest from a single constituency. ‘One Contestant, One Constituency’ should be the motto’.

Legal experts believe that, if someone takes up this PIL serious, and strongly supports it, there are high chances for the Supreme Court to come up with ‘One Contestant, One Constituency’ motto.

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