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HomelatestCBN’s Delhi Visit Shatters KCR’s Capital Tour:

CBN’s Delhi Visit Shatters KCR’s Capital Tour:

CBN Effect KCR Postpones Delhi Visit

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The leader of India’s third front, KCR who is sending shock waves to the Centre has canceled his Delhi tour for some reasons. Let us see what made this dynamic CM alter his plans all of a sudden.The Telangana CM KCR has shaken the entire Politics of India the moment he slammed Modi openly in the recent past. Not stopping there, he called in for forming the unexpected third front which immediately got a huge response from North Eastern leaders in India. To hold discussions in depth with his allies,

KCR planned a tour to the capital New Delhi for three days. He initially planned to go Delhi on 4th in order to return on 6th. But CBN’s sudden visit to the Capital completely forced KCR to change his plan. AP CM has been to Delhi only to intensify his protest on the Centre regarding the Special Category Status. Also, he is meeting anti-Modi leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Farooq etc who KCR initially scheduled to meet. But now, KCR is not going to visit Delhi after Babu’s return to AP because KCR is taking care of his party TRS’s upcoming big day. In the third week of April, KCR is organizing TRS Party Plenary meeting and he is making grand arrangements for it. This meeting is also important to discuss necessary tactics to win 2019 elections as this is the last year of their term.

KCR is going to interact with his party leaders and core supporters from all parts of Telangana.Once he finishes all the formalities of this plenary meeting, he may go Delhi in the month of May. Already he fixed appointments with powerful leaders like Mamatha Banerjee etc to strengthen up the third front. They will meet and discuss all the possibilities of dethroning BJP from the Centre.

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