Dawood Ibrahim Gets Promotion In United Nations!

Dawood Ibrahim Gets Promotion In United Nations

Dawood Ibrahim Gets Promotion In United Nations

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Dawood Ibrahim, the underworld Don, and the prime accused in the 1993 Bombay Bombings has been a nightmare to the Indian security agencies, and many other security agencies globally. He is regarded as one of the key individuals responsible for the rise in mafia and terrorism in India. Though key evidence is available regarding Dawood’s stay in Pakistan, the Pakistani government has rubbished such claims that stated that Dawood is not living in Pakistan.

A recent report from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has once again exposed Pakistan completely. The UNSC has published a list of terrorist organizations and terrorist recently. Shockingly, 139 names in that list belonged to Pakistan. The list includes the names of Al Jawahar, Dawood Ibrahim, and Hafiz Muhammad Saeed; prime accused in 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks, 2006 Mumbai Train Bombings, and 2001 Indian Parliament Attack.

In its report, the UNSC also described that few ports Dawood Ibrahim has to control over few ports in Pakistan, and he is operating these ports from Rawalpindi and Karachi. It also rightly pointed out that, Dawood has highly valuable properties in India, UAE, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Australia, Cyprus, UK and other countries. The latest report once again exposed the support these terrorist organizations and terrorists receive from the Pakistan government.    

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