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Will Charan Enter 100 Crores Club?

Rangasthalam Enter 100 Crore Club

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The mega power star Ram Charan Tej is completely occupying the prime slots of all movie programmes post the release of Rangasthalam. Movie analysts and trade experts are here giving work to their brains by assessing the full run collections of this flick.The hard work of Charan finally paid off with Rangasthalam as it became a success in both critical and commercial ways. Charan who enjoys a huge fan base tried his hard to establish as a performer. Even though Dhruva showcases his talent, the release time where demonetization is at peaks limited the movie’s shares to 55 crores.

Charan is the only hero in Tollywood with high commercial success ratio such that even his so-called average flick would end up collecting 40 crores. Imagine such hero who has a minimum market of 50 crores doing a top-notch performance. The result is Rangasthalam’s records breaking success. Charan added his impeccable acting skills to mega craze only to have a gross of 100 crores in just three days. It’s been five days since the movie’s release date, the theatres are still running with a packed audience. At the end of five days run, the movie collected a worldwide share of 85 crores thereby becoming the most grossed movie in his career. Now Charan needs 15 crores more to enter the unbelievable club of 100 crores shares where no other hero managed to enter except for his own father megastar Chiranjeevi.

Watching at the dynamics, trade experts declare that this flick has got the capacity to enter 100 crores share club.Directed by Sukumar, the entire flick is mainly shouldered by Charan’s performance. Now the million dollars question is Will Rangasthalam cross the full run shares of Khaidi No:150 which ended up collecting 105 crores. Mega fans wish the Son beats Father only to make him proud.

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