Tuesday, July 5, 2022
HomelatestT-Congress MLC Responded On Show Cause Notices

T-Congress MLC Responded On Show Cause Notices

The Nalgonda’s Congress leader Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy was served show cause notices by the Congress High Command for his attack on them. Finally, this Parliamentarian responded to these notices in his own style.MLC Rajagopal Reddy in the capital spoke to Press regarding the notices served by the High Command. He claimed that he degraded the biggies of the AICC for forming committees with leaders who worth nothing for the party.Komatireddy declared that he made serious comments on his Chief Rahul with agony for not acknowledging the leaders and the cadre who worked hard for the party and gave nominated posts for the leaders who did nothing except jumping from other parties.

 AICC for forming committees with leaders

He stated an example of how his cadre worked against the ruling party in winning the Nalgonda constituency in the happened bi-elections but still, they were shown an empty hand. On this note, Reddy blamed the State’s In-charge Khuntia for not reporting perfectly to the high command.This senior leader of Nalgonda declared that he will be responding to the show cause notices within a day. Seems the Congress heads are cutting their own branches by not having a clear ground report on the party.

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