T-Government eyes on the AP buildings in Telangana


Post the bifurcation, the Centre has divided the Government institutions between the Andhra and Telangana. Since then, the AP buildings are vacantly doing nothing and on contrary, the Telangana Government wants to rebuild their share of buildings. Now the TRS Government has eyed on the AP buildings to utilize them in their favor.


Telangana Chief Minister KCR the other day asked the Central Government for not pressurizing the AP Government regarding their buildings in the AP. He asked the Centre to direct AP and its statesmen to do something with their buildings which were sitting idle for the last four years. The TRS Chief wanted to rebuild many Government institutions in Telangana in order to develop them like expanding their Secretariat etc. However, as these buildings were attached together, he was unable to start the work. The only thing he can do is to ask the Centre to intervene in the issue and order the AP Government to have a final decision on the buildings.


TRS Supreme is very keen on getting these buildings under his control so that he can use them for expanding the T-Government offices. He knew that the AP Government can do nothing with these buildings which are in the other State. So KCR’s plan is to make the AP Government sell these properties to Telangana so that they can occupy them. He also made his Government officials write a letter to the Parliamentary standing committee regarding this issue. One has to wait and see how the Centre would respond to this.


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