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Taapsee Walked Away With Rs. 1 crore – Anando Brahma

Taapsee Pannu  Walked Away With One crore Anando Brahma Movie

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Heroine Taapsee is hardly seen in Telugu films from the past couple of years. Though the Punjabi beauty did star in Sahasam and Anando Brahma, she is quite busy with Tamil and Bollywood films. Reacting to the same, Taapsee stated that, she wants to act in films with importance, and not to get exploited on the screen.

She played the key role in the horror-comedy film Anando Brahma along with comedian Srinivas Reddy. The movie did fare well at the box-office, given its interesting plot and sub-plots. In fact, the film’s script is lauded as the hero.

It is unclear how much Taapsee charged as the remuneration for the film. In a recent interview, the actress stated, she walked away with Rs. 1 crore from the movie. Yes, the heroine made Rs. 1 crore from Anando Brahma movie. Speaking of the same, ‘when the director and producer approached, I told them it would take some time before I commit to the project. Eventually, after a year, I was available for the shoot and agreed to do the film, only that, I get a share of the profits. Eventually, I got a sum of Rs. 1 crore from the movie!’Henceforth, I will only act in movies that give equal prominence, respect, and space along with the other star cast.

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