TDP-Congress Cooking Up A Secret Alliance?

TDP And Congress Secret Alliance

In what may be called an astonishing piece of news, two arch-rival parties are going to join their hands to fight against their common enemy. Latest speculations among the state’s political circles explain it all.The parties TDP and Congress are rivals for ages. We have seen the way how these two parties collided neck to neck in the happened elections post-CBN’s entry into TDP from Congress. Later on, the Congress got whitewashed due to the bifurcation and also key leaders of Congress went to the YSRCP for their loyalty towards passed away CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

Since then, TDP puts Congress in the category of no harm zone as their present rivals are YSRCP, BJP, and Janasena.Such two parties are secretly preparing a mission to defeat their common target BJP.According to the obtained information outside the AP, the parties TDP and Congress are going to jointly work towards the failure of BJP. In AP, all the anti-TDP votes are bagged by BJP which is looking forward to befriending YSRCP. So Congress’s game is to split these anti-TDP votes into their account and support TDP after the election results so that BJP would be losing votes to TDP.

Post this help, TDP would support Congress in Prime Minister elections against BJP so that their common enemy would be dethroned.For this, the TDP Chief CBN and Congress Prince Rahul Gandhi met for the first time in their lives in Karnataka to congratulate the JDS head Kumaraswamy who became the CM. Since then, it is rumored that Congress is preparing grounds to win votes by bringing back strong leaders like Kiran Kumar Reddy, Undavalli Arun Kumar, Harsha Kumar etc.


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