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HomelatestTDP finally invites YSRCP but slams Jagan

TDP finally invites YSRCP but slams Jagan

TDP finally invites YSRCP but slams Jagan

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The ruling party of Andhra Pradesh, TDP has finally bent for the pressure created by both Pawan Kalyan’s JFC and Y.S Jagan’s “No Confidence” Movement. TDP has revealed a much-needed conference to save the state of AP and to get all the promised grants from the Centre.

TDP after realizing the importance of votes started its fight against Centre to implement AP Bifurcation Act promises. To go ahead of its permanent rival YSRCP and apparent rival Jansena, TDP announces an All Party meeting within the state to have a joint fight. Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao felt the need of the fight has arranged an urgent press conference to reveal TDP’s action plan. According to him, TDP will send invitations to all the regional parties like Jansena, AP BJP, YSRCP, CPI, CPM and other important NGO groups as well to fight for AP. Despite his invitation to YSRCP, Ganta along with his MLA’s ridiculed Jagan for not supporting TDP in its fight against the Centre. He termed Jagan as a selfish leader as the YSRCP Supreme is getting ready to sell his party for his personal gain that is bailing out of his CBI cases. This dual stand of TDP on Y.S Jagan is only sending negative opinions to the common people of the state.

Political analysts feel that the move of TDP is too late as Pawan and Jagan are already ahead of CBN in their fight for AP against Centre. Now the million dollar question is Will Jagan attend this All Party Meeting? even if he attends, how will two rival parties in which each throws mud on one another would join hands for the sake of the state?

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