TDP leader murdered in Mangalgiri

TDP Leader killed in mangalagiri
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The elections in AP are over and the tense atmosphere continues. The brutal murder of a TDP leader in Mangalgiri in Guntur district has caused a lot of turmoil locally. Uma Yadav, a resident of the fourth ward of Indira Nagar in Mangalgiri, was brutally stabbed to death by unidentified people. The incident occurred near the deceased’s home.

Locals say the three assassins came with swords and killed them. The case has been registered and investigated with the information of the police.Locals say the deceased Uma Yadav was the main accused in a previous murder case. Uma Mangalagiri is a follower of former MLA Kandru Kama. Uma Yadav is still on the TDP even though she went into the YCP before the elections. During the election, He was a key leader in mangalagiri. The full details of the event are yet to be known. Umayyadav was one of those who sought Lokesh’s victory in the recent assembly elections.

Why the murder? Like any political faction? Or as a personal faction? Police are investigating the angle.


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