Thursday, September 23, 2021
HomelatestTDP Leaders Blatant Allegations On Jagan Crossing Limits

TDP Leaders Blatant Allegations On Jagan Crossing Limits

Criticism is a part of Politics and all the parties do it without any second thought. But sometimes, comments and counters of some Politicians appear utter ridiculous such that they don’t know what they are delivering to the Press. One such incident happened the other day as a prominent TDP MLC’s reaction to Jagan’s attack seemed pointless.

The TDP MLC Babu Rajendra Prasad who is known for his controversial comments and Press meets on his rival parties has again given work for his loose tongue. Responding on the Vizag airport attack on Jagan, Prasad dared to say that the attack is planned by Jagan’s mother YS Vijayamma and his sister Sharmila. He backed his rude comments by explaining that all is not well between the Opposition leader’s wife Bharati and Sharmila so the latter has planned this attack for Political gains. Until now, YSRCP blamed TDP for the attack and the latter blamed the YSRCP regarding this attack but now, some TDP leaders are said to be exceeding some Political ethics for the sake of media coverage.

These comments of Babu Rajendra Prasad are not taken lightly by the YSRCP leaders and supporters. He is facing doll drums from the netizens for his baseless and senseless allegations. Such comments only drag them into their own pit during the time of elections.


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