Friday, October 22, 2021
HomelatestVideo of former TDP MP abusing woman goes viral!

Video of former TDP MP abusing woman goes viral!

Video Of Former TDP MP Abusing Woman Goes Viral!

A video featuring TDP leader, Former minister Nama Nageshwar Rao has become viral for all the wrong reasons. The TDP leader is seen abusing a woman in language that defines vulgarity and humiliation. The woman also filed a complaint in Jubilee Hills Police Station on Nama Nageshwar Rao and his brother Seethayya.

As per the latest reports, the woman claimed that Nama Nageshwar Rao was having an intimaterelationship with her since 2013. ‘During one of our conversations, I happened to ask him whether he was havingintimate relationships with another woman. He suddenly started abusing me in a foul and unparliamentary language accusing me that, I was intending to blackmail him’.

‘I am not looking for money by making this video public. I am pretty rich enough. Nageshwar Rao’s companies are in losses, and expecting money from him would be utterlyfoolish. I want justice and I shall fight for it,’ she stated.

The woman also added that ‘even TDP Leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu spoke to me in the same context a few days ago. There is no way that I would back-off from the fight.’ This recent development is expected to cause more worries in the already troubled TDP camp.

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