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HomelatestTDP MP’s Received A Huge Blow From Arun Jaitley

TDP MP’s Received A Huge Blow From Arun Jaitley

TDP MP’s Received A Huge Blow From Arun Jaitley

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Continuing their protest in the Parliament regarding the Special Status to AP, the Andhra TDP MPs has received an unexpected jolt from their alliance Union Minister Arun Jaitley. This Union Finance Minister has cleared one thing for once and ever mixing the hopes of Telugu Community in River Ganges.All the MPs and Ministers of Andhra Pradesh have been protesting over the Centre in various places like Parliament, Jantar Mantar etc. Our alliance partners of TDP who goes to the Parliament formed themselves as a group and met the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to ask him Special Category Status and Incentives to the state.

The questions from Arun has not only shell-shocked our TDP Parliamentarians but also left them without any clue of answering. Jaitley directly asked TDP MPs the reason for rejecting Special Category Status for Special Package in the past. On the same note, he asked if the AP TDP who didn’t raise any objection in the past is now demanding for some packages which are not easy to grant. The Union Finance Minister made it very clear that the Special Category Status shall not be given to AP as they have already given the same to 10 backward states. Upon Arun’s merciless answer, MP’s tried to request him for slashing GST rates and Industrial incentives for which the latter rudely rejected. Forget protesting, the TDP MP’s failed to answer any one question of Jaitley.

Meanwhile, the Congress MP’s and YSRCP MP’s protested in Rajya Sabha resulting the adjournment of the house for the second day. TDP Chittoor MP Siva Prasad is getting all the limelight with his unique avatars every day like Lord Krishna and NTR.

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