Teja Sequel Nijam Movie

Teja Plans to Sequel Nijam Movie without Mahesh Babu

Posted August 11, 2017 at 17:18

Teja Plans to Sequel Nijam Movie without Mahesh Babu

Teja Plans to Sequel Nijam Movie without Mahesh Babu: Director Teja who introduced to the Telugu audience few hero, heroines and other artists with his beautiful love stories like ‘Chitram’, ‘Jayam’ movies. Also did ‘Nijam’ movie with Super Star Mahesh Babu but became a big disaster. But Mahesh Babu got the best hero award for his splendid performance in the movie. The movie got the critics appreciations and even the jury awards. Teja is thinking that this movie based on corruption if the movie released at present situations then surely would have to get the goods profit with audience commercial encouragement.

Teja told the ‘Nijam’ movie is a good film which is so special in his career it seems. And even said that he is going to bring the sequel to that special movie. Recently Teja film ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ hit the theaters and got a positive response from the audience. There are chances to immediately start the ‘Nijam’ sequel movie. Teja said that he will screen this sequel movie with new actors like in his previous movies but not with Mahesh Babu. Let’s see that the sequel of ‘Nijam’ movie will be coming in this year or not…?

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