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That’s Why He Is MEGA STAR

Megastar… When hearing this word, the first name comes into the mind is Chiranjeevi. To everyone, for everyone, of everyone, he is the Megastar. Certainly, no can replace his place, his craze and him. How a normal person became a Megastar? By only doing movie…? No… That is one of the reasons, moreover his character and attitude. Those elements of a person make him famous and bring the respect. Chiranjeevi, he is a very talented actor, dancer, inspirations to many people.

Chiranjeevi, he is a very talented actor

Actually, behind this fame, there were many struggles in his life. His nature of the character and his love towards the people made him everyone’s’ favorite. Generally, Chiranjeevi encourages the new talent and in recent days he appreciates Vijay Deverakonda and occasionally he attends events also. Recently, he launched the trailer of Pyar Prema Kadhal movie. Actually, this movie is presenting by Tammareddy Bharadwaj. We know that Chiranjeevi and Bharadwaj have good relations with each other because Bharadwaj did two movies with Chiranjeevi.

That's Why He Is MEGA STAR

Tammareddy Bharadwaj about Chiranjeevi’s Dedication:

Tammareddy Bharadwaj about Chiranjeevi's

In the trailer launching event, Tammareddy Bharadwaj told some unknown facts about Chiranjeevi. He said: “I didn’t pay remuneration to Chiranjeevi for the two movies that I made with him in the past. Moreover, until now, he attended every event when I asked him. Really, I’m happy for Chiranjeevi. In the time of our movie, Chiranjeevi has the last schedule at night time. For a song, he asked me the kneecaps but my assistant got the hand kneecaps instead of leg kneecaps. So, Chiru danced with them and he was getting bleed at his knees. Then, I said leave the shoot chiru. But, he said, ‘If I leave today, I’ll come after 47 days. Then this cost will be more for those days so we should it today, don’t worry, I’ll do anna.’ That is Megastar Chiranjeevi.”

dance choreographer and fight master

He also added, “Not only that, for a movie, he did choreography to his own songs and fights himself due to the lack of dance choreographer and fight master. Really, Chiranjeevi is great.”

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