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The Reason Behind The Name “Vyjayanthi” Movies

Vyjayanthi Movies, one of the biggest production houses of Telugu film industry. They produced nearly 30+ movies in Telugu. However, they introduced Superstar Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan and produced Jr.NTR’s first hit movie Student No.1 movie on the banner of Swapna Cinemas. Moreover, they produced the films of NTR, ANR, Krishna, Krishnam Raju, Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi, Bala Krishna, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh. So, it has a good name in Telugu cinema industry. Though, this was established by C.Ashwini Dutt in 1974.

established by C.Ashwini Dutt in 1974

Actually, there was a story behind the name Vyjayanthi. That was, Ashwini Dutt was a huge fan of NTR. However, he was a cinema lover so he convinced his father and enter into the movie field. At the age of 19, he produced the film “O Seetha Katha” movie in the direction of Kala Tapaswi K.Vishwanath under Savarin Cine Enterprises banner. So, at that time, he decided to make a movie with his favorite hero NTR. So, one fine morning, Ashwini Dutt went to NTR and asked about the movie. Then, NTR shocked and said, “Okay, alright, you came to make the movies and a nice job. You produce the movie at this age, that’s also great. But, why I’m? Do you know my market?” But, Ashwini Dutt said: “I don’t care all that things, you should do a movie with me.” But, NTR just smiled and left the matter.

Ashwini Dutt and sr ntr

The time to name:

So, Ashwini Dutt met NTR three more times, and NTR appreciated him and said, “K.Bapaiah is a good director so you go and meet him.” After that, started the movie with Bapaiah and MS Reddy’s contribution. One day, while signing on the call sheets, NTR asked about the name of the production house. Then, Ashwini Dutt said: “We think to the name of Krishna, you name it sir.” So, in the memory of Vyajayanthi mala which is garnished to the neck of Lord Krishna, NTR has written the name “Vyjayanthi”. Thus, in 1975, Yeduruleni Manishi movie was started on this VYjayanthi movie banner for the first time, then onwards it is famous for producing the big films.

 NTR has written the name "Vyjayanthi"

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