Shivaji’s Response On His Own Prediction On CBN’s Court Notices

Shivaji’s Response On His Own Prediction

The actor turned Political activist Shivaji has opened his mouth after many days post the shocking news of Court notices to the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Not only responding to this issue, but also this Political lover gave some pieces of advice to the TDP Chief.

 Operation Garuda
Shivaji made news earlier with the most infamous Operation Garuda which is the secret operation of National Party BJP to downplay AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. In this most ridiculed concept of his, Shivaji declared that the Central Government will dethrone Babu and make his Political career a hopeless by keeping him behind the bars. Leaving all the critics of this concept in shell shock, the Maharashtra Government served notices to the Babu for his old case in 2010. Proving Shivaji’s claims as tall and strong, this Court notices are indeed serious and are trembling the TDP National Chief.


Responding to these notices, Shivaji asked the AP CM t
Responding to these notices, Shivaji asked the AP CM to be more careful than earlier as his political rivals are planning two more cases. One rather stronger than the previous one on CBN himself which will be a guaranteed arrest and another case on one of his party’s bigwigs. Not just this, Shivaji warned CBN not to take Private Jets as his enemies could go any extend to defeat him and use Indian Airlines for travel. Finally, Shivaji stunned all that this arrest is not a part of Operation Garuda.


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