Time To Go “C/O Kancharapalem” On 7th September

Time To Go
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A village at Visakhapatnam is now famous anywhere in Andhra and Telangana i.e, Kancharapalem. The only reason is the film “C/O Kanacharapalem”. Actually, many times our film stars used many regional names for their movie titles. But, never got this buzz about a film as well as C/O Kancaharapalem. Actually, if it is a normal movie, that’s not a big matter even Suresh Production presents it. Truly it is a genuine story of a village people. Ordinarily, genuine stories are common sometimes but it makes an impact on the viewers, many directors and actors said it.


However, this movie selected for NewYork Indian Film Festival, is it the only reason? Moreover that, it explains something more according to the viewers. This movie director Venkatesh Maha experience converted into a film. When he was staying at his friend’s house in Kancharapalem, he listened to some stories from villagers and got some experience. By those thoughts, he made C/O Kancharapalem movie with the help of Praveena Paruchuri means she is the producer of this film. There are no stars in the movie, at least known actors. The total cast was from Kancharapalem and they are all freshers for the film industry including director Venkatesh Maha. Certainly, he also made his debut with this film.

"Asha Pasham" Song C/O Kancaharapalem

Support of C/O Kancaharapalem:

After a time, Rana watched this film and excited to present it under Suresh Productions, and now he is presenting it. Actually, he is very confident about this film and he has faith in it and loved it. The love expressed by his continuous promotions and posts about this film.


Even though that a film has a marvelous concept, without a solid support the movie couldn’t go forward. Now the solid support is Suresh Productions. Actually, they support the film and bring a fantastic film for us. So, the time has come to watch it on big screens; however, the movie is releasing on 7th September.


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