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To Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Remark On Kashmir, India’s Reply

Moments following Chinese President Xi Jinping said Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan that he was avidly observing the Kashmir condition, India restated on Wednesday that it would be in everybody’s kindest credits if other countries tarried out of its domestic affairs.

“We have seen the news regarding the conference of Chinese President Xi Jinping with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, which also leads to their talks on Kashmir,” told Foreign Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar. “India’s stance has been steady and transparent that Jammu and Kashmir is an indispensable part of India. China is well conscious of our situation. It is not for other countries to talk on the domestic affairs of India.”

China – which requires to be Pakistan’s “all-weather companion” – has strengthened its charges of extensive slaughter in Jammu and Kashmir on global stages ever since the region’s special status was dismissed on August 5. However, Imran Khan was made to reveal last month that his government’s attempts to internationalize the subject had abandoned to make an impact on world leaders.

In his Wednesday meeting, Xi Jinping assured Imran Khan that it would encourage Pakistan on matters relevant to its “core concerns”. State-owned Xinhua News organization also cited him as declaring that although the “right and wrong” of the circumstances were clear, India and Pakistan should resolve the condition through friendly dialogue.

Xi Jinping’s comments seem to have led to some embarrassment, given that he is registered to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai for an intimate summit later this week. “The forthcoming Chennai Informal Summit will give the two leaders with an event to continue their conversations on overarching matters of mutual, regional and global importance, and exchange opinions on expanding India-China Closer Development Partnership,” the government mentioned in a report.

A common report published after Imran Khan’s meeting with Xi Jinping stated that the “Kashmir problem is a discussion left from history, and should be accurately and composedly proposed based on the UN Charter”.

China, the report read, is “paying close consideration to the prevailing situation in Jammu & Kashmir”.

“China denies any one-sided actions that compound the situation. The two sides emphasized that a peaceful, constant, united and prosperous South Asia was in common benefit of all parties. Parties need to resolve conflicts and concerns in the region through conversation on the basis of identity and mutual respect,” the report further said.

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