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HomelatestTo whom did Chandrababu give warning?

To whom did Chandrababu give warning?

To whom did Chandrababu give warning?

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Chandrababu Naidu is known to maintain his composure and serenity irrespective of what is happening around him. But the same leader has fired during his interaction with the press. His comments have gained utmost importance in political circles after he warned ‘them’ regarding the Polavaram project. He said, ‘This is my warning to anyone who is trying to stop the Polavaram Project. I will go to any extent if it comes to Polavaram Project. Do mind it’. He further made many comments which are considered as slapsticks to many leaders.

Scrutinizing Chandrababu’s, it is clear that he was referring to Undavalli, YS Jagan, and Pawan Kalyan. His statement, ‘if anyone dares to play with the sentiments of Andhra people, I will not spare them’ is clearly directed towards Undavalli. Similarly, ‘few questioned how we can bring water through Pattiseema. They are speaking with ignorance,’ is certainly said keeping YS Jagan in mind.

Finally, his statement, ‘few come into politics once in a while. They comment something and then leave. I need not answer questions put by such kind of people,’ was directed at Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan.

But political analysts are unclear about his statement, ‘I would go to any extent to fulfill the promise of Polavaram. Few people stated it is aimed at the Centre. While other questioned whether Chandrababu can give such a warning to the Centre!

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