Charminar Express – Tea Prepared From Toilet Water!

Toilet Water Used To Make Tea In Charminar Express

Toilet Water Used To Make Tea In Charminar Express

Posted May 3, 2018, 2:00 pm at 14:00

Tea is our best friend when we travel long distances, especially when someone travels by train. In fact, many love to sip tea in the trains, experiencing the thrilling atmosphere. But every one of them might change their decision, and might never even dare to drink tea in a train.

A recent video shot by a passenger is going viral on YouTube and social media. In the video, one can find the Tea vendors filling the water from the toilets on the train. We need not talk about the kind of toilets we have in our trains right!

It is the same water they are using to mix with milk, and the tea bag and serve the common man traveling on the train. On investigating, the officials have slapped a fine of Rs 1,00,000 on the tea vendor and suspended his license. The Tea vendor has been identified as P Siva Prasad and has obtained a license to sell tea on trains running between Secunderabad and Kazipet.

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