She Is Toshi’s Niece…?

Toshi reacts to Haya viral video

Singer Toshi reacts to Haya viral video

Toshi reacts to Haya viral videoA video of mother battering her child to study and the child requesting her not to do so is going viral in all social media. Now according to the reports, The baby is niece of bollywood singer Toshi Sabri. Toshi himself reveals about the baby saying her name is Haya and she is his niece. Toshi reacts to Haya viral video.

Seems like he says it is very foolish to decide a parental love by seeing a video. Toshi says, Haya is a nursery kid and is very negligent about her studies. So as a mother she is trying to make her learn. It is very difficult for parents to take care of both their children and their professional works and so their might be certain mistakes in times.

Furthermore, her mother took the video only to show her husband of how shes reacting but not for any other reason. He says they didn’t expect the video to go this viral with cricketers like Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan commenting to the video. they say not to treat the kid harsh. Hence Toshi reacts to these comments of the cricketers saying they know how to look after their kids and doesn’t need anyone’s advice.

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