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Traditional Casino Games

Gambling and betting have been an interest of humans since the start of history. Gambling can be about almost anything, you only need a result that everybody can agree upon. Today gambling and betting is getting more sophisticated, but there are a lot of history and traditions involved. Honor your history by knowing the story!

Even though casinos and gambling are forbidden over most of India you can enjoy it legally online. There are plenty of international casinos and betting sites that are directed at the Indian market. At these casinos you can play some really traditionally Indian games and gamble on some of the biggest matches in the area with the best odds.

The simplest game of luck, Andar Bahar to get you back to the roots

As easy as it is, as good tradition it has. This game of cards is a 50/50 game of luck where you guess what side of the Joker the matching card will turn up first.

The deck that is used is an ordinary 52 card deck

The dealer flips the first card, called the Joker, say it is hearts of six

You place your bet at the side where you think the first matching card will flipped at

The dealer flips a card at the left and right at each turn

If you have placed your bet at the side where the first other six shows up you win

If you want to try your luck at this fast, fun game find your casino with Andar Bahar at Gambling Times

Teen Patti, the ultimate mashup of poker and three card brag

This traditional game that is common social game, especially during Diwali normally starts with all players or in turns one player placing the bets before the first cards are dealt. The placing of antes (bets) before cards are dealt ensures that all players don’t retires without gambling. All players then gets three cards and the placing of bets begin.

The hand of the best combination of cards, similar to poker wins. Or if you are a real dare devil you can keep betting all the others out until you are the last one left. Then you´ll win no matter how good or bad your cards are. You find this exciting and classical game and many more at casino captain.

Betting at indigenous sports, raise the interest

Did you know that Kabaddi is a sport that is hardly heard of outside of south Asia? That needs to change, this fast, full contact and quickly changing sport should have more fans. If you are interested in the sport maybe placing some bets at the betting sites so that more people will discover this really tough and fun game to watch!

Cricket, the beloved sport of gentlemen! This game is not unknown to the rest of the world, but it has a limited spread. Most of Europe, US and Asia are not big competitors, its as if it didn’t get a strong grip at the start it never latches on. It is a shame as it is such a nice and social game that can take days to finish. Well, slow cooking is a trend, maybe slow sports will be next!

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