Monday, December 5, 2022
HomelatestAll Is Not Well Between TRS And BJP?

All Is Not Well Between TRS And BJP?

The Telangana ruling party TRS has indirectly declared that it would rather support Modi’s BJP in the upcoming elections. However, the Saffron party bigwigs are not keen on joining hands with KCR for many reasons.


To dethrone KCR, the Opposition parties of Telangana formed themselves as a Mahakutami and are busy preparing sketches for getting the power in the snap polls. Meanwhile, we hear no such alliance between the parties TRS and BJP which are earlier speculated to be bonded to suppress Mahakutami. The BJP Chief Amit Shah has his own reasons for fighting alone in Telangana. First of all, he is not going to believe in KCR for his dual nature. Shah is well aware of KCR’s betrayal to AICC in 2014 and he thinks that the latter can do the same to BJP post the snap polls for the sake of power.

KCR’s friendship with the MIM party

Not just this, the BJP Biggies are unable to digest KCR’s friendship with the MIM party in Telangana. Keeping all these factors in mind, Amit Shah decided not to go along with TRS prior to the polls. Post the poll results, he might consider TRS either in Telangana Government formation or at least for the Lok Sabha elections.

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