Wednesday, August 10, 2022
HomelatestTRS Targets AP Settlers To Gain Power

TRS Targets AP Settlers To Gain Power

The TRS Chief KCR came to know the power of AP Settlers vote bank in Telangana. Along with his son KTR, he is working out plans to woo their votes into the Pink camp’s account.AP settlers are those who hail from Andhra Pradesh but got their lives settled in Telangana along with their families. These voters are initially terrified of KCR’s hate comments. Everything changed the moment his son and Telangana IT Minister KTR came to the rescue. He organized a meet and greet programme with these settlers and assured their full safety in Telangana.

Among the AP Settlers

Still, some are in a thought that all these votes will have a major impact on TRS as they are going to vote for Mahakutami for KCR”s rival Chandrababu Naidu’s sake.Here comes the actual twist which would blow our minds. Among the AP Settlers, there are a huge group of Pawan Kalyan fans and YSRCP followers other than the TDP supporters. With Pawan Kalyan praising KCR’s ruling and slamming TDP almost every day, Powerstar fans would extend their support to TRS. Similarly, the TDP’s rival YSRCP followers too add more votes to TRS to downplay Mahakutami which has TDP as its alliance partner. Finally, AP Settlers have become the King Makers in the T-state and there exits split in their votes.

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