TRS To Utilize The No Confidence Motion

TRS To Utilize The No Confidence Motion

The Telangana Ruling Party TRS which stood in the support of its brotherhood state Andhra Pradesh went all anti the other day. The Parliamentarians of this party are still clueless about their job in today’s No Confidence Motion.Until yesterday, the vision of TRS MPs is very clear such that it would vote for the No Confidence Motion in order to help AP. It also determined to help itself in implementing pending promises of AP Bifurcation Act. Yesterday, one of TRS MPs disclosed their hidden agenda of utilizing this No Confidence Motion for the Telangana State’s benefit.

On that note, TRS made it very clear that he would support BJP if they promise to release all the funds stated in the Bifurcation Act or else it would boycott the voting.A recent update from the TRS camp makes this issue more clumsy as their Chief KCR has not yet given any order for their 13 MPs.Close aides of T-State’s CM state that KCR is thinking of asking their MPs to participate in No Confidence Motion voting and leave the house immediately. However, no one knows it he ordered his MPs to vote in favor of BJP or TDP for now. If there exists any debate regarding the AP Bifurcation Act, then TRS MPs are determined to demand BJP all the grants. One has to wait and see today’s Monsoon Session have answers for many million dollars questions.


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