Monday, August 15, 2022
HomelatestBJP All Set To Face The No Confidence Motion Today

BJP All Set To Face The No Confidence Motion Today

To everyone’s surprise, the ruling party of India, BJP has taken up the No Confidence Motion proposed against it by the TDP. Along with the people of India, all Political analysts are curious about how the Centre is going to tackle this issue.BJP won the elections with a thumping majority and it needed no support of any party to form the Government in the Capital of India.

Be it the party’s overconfidence or strategy, it ditched the AP Government which supported BJP unconditionally in 2014 across the state. To fight for self-respect and justice, the TDP proposed No Confidence Motion to counter the BJP in the Parliament. Shockingly, the Speaker took up the challenge and decided today’s date as the day to implement this act.

For some political enthusiasts who are wondering about the count of BJP, winning the No Confidence Motion would be a piece of cake as more than 300 Members are going to vote in the favor of BJP at any cost. Even the AP Government know the same fact but their main idea is to corner the Centre in the eyewitness of the entire nation. On one side the AP MPs are preparing for a big attack by asking the BJP about all the promises it made during the alliance.

The BJP is thinking of all the defense techniques with the help of Constitution on the flip side.Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and others would not hesitate to play the same drama of swearing that all the promises will be fulfilled on or before the Parliament elections. More than anyone, the AP-BJP camp desperately wants its heads to ridicule TDP so that they would increase their vote bank in the AP for 2019 elections.

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