Wife of Ram Movie Review – W/o Ram Telugu Movie Rating

Wife of Ram Movie Review

Movie Name: W/O Ram
Movie Cast: Manchu Lakshmi, Samrat reddy, Adarsh Balakrishna, Priyadarshi
Director: Vijay Yelakanti
Music Director: Raghu Dixit
Production: Manchu Entertainment

Wife of Ram Telugu Movie Full Analysis & Review :

The plot is Deeksha’s husband suddenly dies. And she lost her pregnancy by an accident. It is understood that the husband’s death between these conditions is not normal. But police investigation is going on. But Deeksha getting into the field to break the mystery of her husband’s death. On the go, she may not expect unexpected circumstances. Murder Mystery revolves unexpected turns. What else has happened is the rest of the story.

Movie Analysis:

When you hear about the story of Wife of Ram, is like Hindi Anamika film But the story is completely different from that film as Manchu Lakshmi said. Wife of Ram is a complete thriller. Anamika Cinema mainly targeted the system error and this film discussed human selfishness. New director Vijay has taken care of the viewer to avoid the viewer’s imagination about twists which elevate thriller nature. So the story begins soon after the curiosity begins. However, the director did not seem to concentrate on making of sympathy on Deeksha’s character. Though this thriller is about two hours long, the first half seemed to be lag by some scenes. It is difficult for audiences to be able to see who habitual to see commercial films. But now there is a great deal of cinematic films that have come up with new ideas. Wife of Ram is not discouraging anyone who wants new things.

Manchu Lakshmi is a film that has a lot of hopes. She acts very well in this movie. Her performance in the film is coming to maturity. Most importantly, the difference was obviously seen in this film. Adarsh is also seen in the role of bad boy and Priyadarshini in the role of a young police officer who helps Lakshmi. There is no doubt that Vijay is going to be a good future ahead. Music director Raghu Dixit plus for the film. The film, which is based in Thriller genre, is highly renowned for urban-based audiences.

Telugu Bullet Punchline… “The Wife of Ram” turns out but …

Telugu Bullet Rating … 2 .75 / 5.


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