TSRTC Bus Terrible Accident Consumed 52 Lives

TSRTC Bus Terrible Accident Consumed 52 Lives

In what may be called as the tragic incident of the recent times, the entire State of Telangana witnessed a never seen huge bus accident today in Jagtial Mandal. Details from the Government officials which are quite disturbing as follows.

A TSRTC bus which went to the famous

A TSRTC bus which went to the famous temple of Lord Hanuman on Kondagattu Hills and returning down. At the Kondagattu ghat road, this overcrowded bus which is carrying 70+ passengers according to the victims met with a sudden accident. The driver B Srinivas who lost the control over the bus when he drove across a big speed breaker tried his best to put the bus on road. Fate won over his driving and the bus fell into the ghat Gorge consuming 56 lives. None other than the Finance Minister Etela Rajender declared these figures to the Press. Among the dead, 47 bodies are recovered from the tragic site and remaining left their lives after bringing to the hospital. Shaken by this news, the two Telugu States went into silence and everyone are expressing their condolences for the demised passengers.

The caretaker Chief Minister of Telangana

The caretaker Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR immediately announced 5 lakhs of ex-gratia to the families of each and every dead person. Drivers should take extra care when they are driving on the ghat roads and the Government should make sure that the buses are not overcrowded especially in hilly areas. May all the demised rest in peace.


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