Two Protestors Of KTR Got Arrested By The Police

Two Victims Of Police Torture Attempt Self mmolation In KTR Rally

In what may be called as a shocking incident, the Telangana IT Minister KTR has faced a bitter experience with two Telangana men who troubled this dynamic leader and Police with a suicide attempt.Going into the details, two men Harish and Benaiah attended the road show of KTR in the Rajanna Sircilla and poured kerosene on them. When they troubled KTR by trying to set themselves on fire, Policemen alerted and took them into custody. Later the Police found out that these two are among the arrested eight men who earlier spent in jail for turning a lorry into ashes as a part of their protest.


According to Harish and Benaiah, KTR and TRS Governments made them along with six others experience third degree from the Policemen. Despite their trails to take action against those Policemen, KTR failed to respond. After some days, except Harish and Benaiah, other six men joined TRS.These two arrested men state that KTR is the core leader behind their arrests who ordered third degree for them. Also, they accused TRS party that they gave bribes and money to become supporters of the Pink party. This is a huge shock for the son of Telangana CM who is aspired to win yet again in snap polls.


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