U.S. Condemns Assault on Telangana Student in Indiana


The attack on an Indian student, who was attacked in Indiana and is currently in serious condition, has drawn the dismay of the United States.

Varun Raj Pucha, an Indian student, was stabbed in an Indiana gym. In addition, the US State Department has wished Varun a speedy recovery and stated that it will leave any inquiries concerning this ongoing matter to the local law enforcement.

Reports of a vicious attack against Indian graduate student Varun Raj Pucha severely disturb us. We hope he heals completely from his wounds. A representative for the US State Department told ANI that “we defer to local law enforcement for any questions regarding this ongoing case.”

Telangana native Varun Raj Pucha was stabbed in the head at an Indiana gym; he is presently receiving life support at a hospital. The police have taken the accused into custody, and more research is being done.


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