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HomelatestUN says “Latin America is world’s most violent region for women”

UN says “Latin America is world’s most violent region for women”

UN says “Latin America is world’s most violent region for women”

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According to a report presented in Panama, UN Women and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) found assaults on women continued in the region despite severe laws implemented in restricting the violence.

“Latin America, the Caribbean is the most violent regions in the world for women,” said the United Nations, pointing to the aspect that Central America and Mexico are particularly most dangerous.

Head of UNDP’s Eugenia Piza Lopez, told, gender mission in Latin America, told that the issue of violence against women is very crucial. She also shared, outside of conflict contexts, this region against women is most violent region.

Sexual violence against women outside of relationships is also highest over here, and it stands second highest for a couple who are in or were in any relation, stated the report.

Out of 10 countries, 3 countries come from the Caribbean where we find highest rape victims.

Due to gender issues, the women were murdered, especially 2 out of 3 women were murdered. This femicide, killing of women is occurring on a devastating scale.

Rampant gangs and drug cartels, peddlers are also responsible for the area outside war zones to be dangerous. UN report says that out of 33 countries, 24 in Latin America and the Caribbean have laws and rules against domestic violence but only 9 of them have passed legislation that handles the intensity and forms of violence against women either in public or private.

Strengthening institutions and policies of the region, and allocating resources to empower women are strongly recommended by the UN. They also advised that gender inequality and Patriarchal cultural norms need to be addressed. More than 1/3rd of women have been victims of violence in their relationship or sexual violence by people outside their relationship.

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