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UNSC extends authorization of measures for Libya arms embargo

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution to extend the measures designed to implement an arms embargo on Libya for a further 12 months.

Resolution 2526, which was approved unanimously by the 15-member Council on Friday, extends the authorizations for UN member states to inspect, on the high seas off the coast of Libya, vessels coming from or to the country if they have reasonable grounds to believe the vessels are carrying arms or related materials in violation of the arms embargo, reports Xinhua news agency.

Resolution 2526 also requests the UN Secretary-General to report to the Security Council within 11 months of the adoption of the resolution on its implementation.

The Security Council imposed sanctions, including an arms embargo, on Libya in 2011 after the political turmoil that led to the toppling of former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

In June 2016, the council adopted Resolution 2292 to authorize vessel inspections on the high seas to implement the arms embargo.

The authorizations have been extended several times.

Since 2014, Libya has been split between rival factions based in Tripoli and in the east.

The fighting has killed and injured hundreds of civilians and displaced more than 150,000 others, despite repeated international calls for a ceasefire.

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