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Ravana Burning Will Not Happen Here…?

Uttar Pradesh different tradition on Dasara Ravana burning

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Uttar Pradesh different tradition on Dasara Ravana burning: In Dasara mythology, popular stories are one is Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasura. And another one is Lord Rama killing the 10 head Ravana. That’s why through the country Ravana status burning program will be held. But this will not happen in 2, 3 places. Let’s see where and how…?

Ravana will be worshipp there but it’s not in South India. This will happen none other than Uttar Pradesh where Rama’s birthplace Ayodhya exists. Ravana has a temple in Bandai which is the very old temple with eternally worshipp. They will worship Ravana as Mahavir and Shiva devotee. But that temple will close on Ravana burning day without any worship. And Ravana devotees will be silent on this day. This is a unique tradition in UP where Rama born place. In this state one more unique thing happening.

Ravana is a Brahmin so those groups are not like Ravana statue burning every year. So a lawyer in UP kept a petition in court. He requested the court that to stop this programs. The case is currently under investigation. Whatever it’s right or wrong but the contradiction in the country.

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